Release 1.0.2


Evaluation of nitrogen excretion of dairy cattle is a major challenge of the nitrogen management on farms and concerns organic nitrogen loads permitted on farms. It is much more complex than monogastric due to the diversity of diets and the difficulty to know animal intake.

In the project Rednex, the challenge was to provide a tool able to make simulations on different feeding systems to study the possibilities of increasing the efficiency of nitrogen use and the protein autonomy of farms.

The CowNex tool enables to make the link between nutrition and production while describing the different categories of cattle and different diet management that can be encountered in dairy farming.

CowNex was designed in the INRA, UMR PEGASE with the collaboration of ULCO. This simulator is based on Mélodie sub-models which is computed through the RECORD software plateform thanks to the VLE tool and by using the Pyramid framework.

  • Publication director : J. Van Milgen(1)
  • Scientific director : P. Faverdin(1)
  • Design, developpement of the application : C. Baratte(1), R. Perbost(2)(1), E. Ramat(2), S. Thomas(2)(1)
  • Technical support : C. Baratte(1)
  • (1) INRA, UMR 1348 PEGASE, F-35590 St-Gilles France

    (2) ULCO, UPRES EA 4491 Laboratoire d’Informatique, Signal et Image de la Cote d'Opale, F-62228 Calais, France